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How to do member settings?

Member configuration mainly refers to the configuration of brand membership card.

Before membership card configuration, you need to complete the settings of brand and store information.

We support you to customize the background of the membership card, the description of member rights and benefit, and the user information that the joined member wants to collect. It also supports you to preview the page in real time to see the configuration effect of the membership card.

Note: After completing the settings, you need to contact our account manager for review. After review, your brand’s QR code, ID and exclusive member page link will appear on the page. You can print out this information and display it at the store checkout position, etc. It can be used to attract users to scan the QR code to become your member.

You can also directly log in to the store to view the brand’s QR code, ID and exclusive membership page link, allowing users to directly scan the store’s QR code to become your member.


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